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There is no charge to the individual for using the services of a licensed health insurance agent—the commission is entirely paid by the carrier. The carrier is prohibited from selling the policy any cheaper if an individual does not use an agent.

If your parents, relatives or friends are going to be visiting you in the US, it is important that they have health insurance for the time they spend in the US.  The plans here would be good for a visitor to the US.

If you are thinking of immigrating to the US sometime in the future then you may face a problem that many people are getting.  The consulates are requiring people have insurance for the US that covers pre-existing conditions.  This is not the case for all countries but is more frequent.  They will ask you to show proof or go get a plan and you will not be able to do it so the immigration is declined.  All individual health insurance plans have pre-existing condition clauses.  If this is plan for the future my suggestion is to apply for the Citizen Secure plan in the person's home country.  See if it can be underwritten and take it out at least 24 months prior to coming to the US.  You then have a plan to show the consulate that you have already passed the pre-existing condition period.  They usually ask for the person to show proof of insurance at the last minute and it does not exist.  They are asking you to get something that does not exist so plan well in advance.  In the case of people from the UK, Canadians and others in European Union the problem is a bit different.  You will not have to meet this requirement at least not in 2011 but the problem is getting health insurance in the US especially if you are going to be over 60 when you plan to move to the US so plan ahead.  Click here to see the US Government Citizenship and Immigration Services webpage.

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Travel Health Insurance Plans that Cover Pre-existing Conditions for US Citizens and Residents up to age 84
Having US Domestic Health Insurance Including Medicare

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HTH Global Citizen - Available to US Citizens"
Permanent International Major Medical Health Insurance
Using The Aetna Provider Network in The US and Contracted Providers Worldwide

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Customize your medical insurance plan to suit your international living needs with Global Citizen. Select benefits for inside or outside the U.S., define your deductible, choose your doctor or hospital anywhere in the world from our elite network of physicians and hospitals. Enjoy easy access to contracted "best-in-class" providers in 180 countries who bill directly. 

"AzimuthRisk Meridian Plan"
Low Cost Permanent International Health Insurance Plan

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The Meridian Basic provides a premium menu of essential, generous, yet affordable benefits. If great value at a price which will still allow room for the rest of life’s expenses is vital to you, the Meridian Basic is the right fit for you.

The Meridian Enhanced plan offers the premier benefits available in the international medical insurance market today. If it is important to you that only the best medical insurance plan will be sufficient for you, the Meridian Enhanced provides the richest in benefits while still
offering you the kind of quality premium value that only Azimuth is able to provide.

"Reside Prime Worldwide Medical Plan"
Permanent International Health Insurance Plan

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Available online, "Reside Prime Worldwide Medical Plan" is a comprehensive major medical insurance for international citizens. It provides up to $5,000,000 US in lifetime benefits.  Insured persons must reside outside of the US at least 6 months out of any given 12 month policy period.  

"Reside Worldwide Medical Plan"
Permanent International Health Insurance Plan

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"Reside Worldwide Medical Plan" is a low cost scheduled benefit plan. 

"Worldwide Air Ambulance"

Medical Air Services - Emergency Air Ambulance, Ground Ambulance, Return Transportation, Non Injury Transportation, Escort Transportation, Travel Expense Reimbursement, Much More, No Deductibles, No Mileage Limitation, No Claim Forms, No Dollar Limits, Essential for Travelers

"International Health Insurance - Group Plans"
Group Health Insurance for US Companies with Employees Outside the US or Non US Companies with Employees Anywhere

A+ MultiNational Group Series - Group Health Insurance International - Corporate and Association Plans to Choose From: 

US based organizations with employees or members overseas, or non-US organizations employing expatriates, third country nationals, or key local nationals.  Minimum group size is three and with 11 or more participants we can underwrite the group using a simplified medical questionnaire.  Custom quote required.

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